Smoke Venting and Residential Sprinklers Webinar

Integrating and installing a fire safety system in residential buildings require careful planning and understanding of fire engineering.

To improve your knowledge then check out our free webinar below, it covers…

  • smoke ventilation systems
  • their benefits
  • how to achieve building regulations compliance
  • and value engineered solutions.

It also covers the considerations and benefits of incorporating sprinklers into a residential building’s design.

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Controlling the Risk of Fire in Student Accommodation

With a new academic year beginning, many students will be living away from home for the first time, often in halls of residence or other student accommodation.

While this new-found independence brings with it a lot of advantages and opportunities for growth and development, there are also hazards to be aware of.

According to a survey of 2011/2012 university students conducted by public sector insurer; Zurich Municipal, 81% regularly undertook activities that risked fire in their halls of rented accommodation.

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