Service & Maintenance of Fire Safety Systems

The correct specification and installation of a Fire Safety System is paramount. However, ensuring that the system is maintained throughout its life also plays equal importance for fire safety. It plays a dynamic role in protecting the buildings occupants.

For example, the failure of a smoke ventilation system or inefficiency of a system will result in smoke being undetected and in turn not ventilated from the affected area. The consequence for this is the risk that individuals and firefighters are posed with when attending or escaping a building.

Fire Design Solutions provide a stress-free service and maintenance plan. A service & maintenance plan is highly recommended on all systems. One of our experienced team of experts will regularly check your systems and ensure that they are maintained to the highest standard. The routine checks and operational tests safeguard the Fire Safety System and verify that in the event of a fire the system will operate as designed.

Our services are all in accordance with the required British Standards (BS 7346:1-1990, BS 5588:12-2004, and Approved Document B) which entail fire safety systems to be serviced and maintained. Additionally, they adhere to The Regulatory Reform Order 2005 (RRO), which requires an accountable person to be appointed to make sure that all equipment is kept in good working order.

Regardless of who initially installed or manufactured the system, the FDS maintenance service will ensure the maximisation of fire safety on the system and also keep costs down through identifying issues prior to them extending into problematic and expensive subjects.

When on site our experts will undertake an initial visual inspection, followed by an in-depth 15-point test of every fire safety component in the building. If a system component fails at any time we also offer a 24-hour emergency callout provision.

The FDS maintenance teams scheduled and emergency attendance are thoroughly documented and will provide you with up-to-date records you need for your assurance that your fire safety systems are suitably sustained.

To find out more about our maintenance service visit our dedicated service and maintenance page here, or contact us by email or calling 01322 387 411

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