Expert Maintenance for Fire Safety Systems

Once a projects initial build or refurbishment is complete, one must consider how the fire safety system will be maintained to provide ongoing effective operation. We highly recommend that this maintenance is carried out by experts.

The maintenance and routine servicing goes far beyond a ‘tick-box’ exercise and must be given the required attention. It’s paramount that the Fire Safety system safeguards the buildings occupants in the event of a fire, whilst also complying with strict Building Regulations.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, or RRO, states that companies are deemed responsible for providing the correct level of fire safety on their premises, as outlined in the building’s fire strategy. As any installed fire safety systems form part of this strategy, the RRO requires a responsible person to be appointed to ensure that all equipment is maintained and in good working order.

There are severe consequences that could result from a system malfunction, including injury and loss of life. Failure to correctly maintain a Fire Safety System is considered an offence and can results in the prosecution of the building owner or manager.

Fire Safety System servicing and maintenance compliance is also referenced by British Standards BS 7346:1-1990 and BS 5588:12-2004, as well as the Building Regulations Approved Document B (ADB), removing any doubt as to its importance.

It’s not just the obvious safety benefits that routine service and maintenance provide. A well-maintained system can also provide significant cost savings, as general up keep will ensure maximum efficiency and can help identify issues before they result in costly failures.

It’s recommended that maintenance and serving is completed by an expert, removing the doubt and providing peace of mind. This way you can ensure that the system is working efficiently and complies with all regulation, avoiding the risk of hefty fine for non-compliance and the cost associated with closure by the local fire service.

Our maintenance team will visit your premises twice a year to complete the necessary test and checks of the fire alarm and smoke detection system. Ensuring complete compliance with all relevant legislation, regardless of the system’s original manufacturer or installer.

Alongside visual inspections, our experts also carry out a 15-point check of each fire safety component throughout the premises. In the event of failure, FDS provide a 24-hour emergency call out service. Our visits, whether routine maintenance or call-outs are thoroughly documented for your peace of mind and future reference.

To ensure the ongoing efficiency of your smoke ventilation system, give Fire Design Solutions a call today and discuss our maintenance plans with one of our Fire Safety experts – +44 (0)1322 387411.


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