Value Engineering in Fire Safety Design – Saving Costs and Protecting Lives

The primary aim of any fire engineering consultancy is of course to maximise fire safety within a building for its occupants. However, there is another benefit to using the tailored approach to fire engineering – value engineering.

Before savings are calculated it is important that the ‘standard’ method of fire strategy creation, code-compliant approaches, are covered. Taking a code-compliant approach means working as closely as possible to the suggestions outlined in the Building Regulations Approved Document B (ADB).

Fire Engineering

Whilst this guidance can be useful and provides a simple set of rules to adhere to, they can also be restrictive. Indeed they are seen as a blanket approach to fire safety, and working to the letter of these Building Regulations limits the compartment/room sizes, requires the inclusion of dividing walls within a design, and needs multiple staircases within the building – especially for buildings which are more than 11m in height.

The alternative approach to use is an engineered approach. Taking this approach gives you the opportunity for value engineering to reduce the costs and increase the profitability of a building through the use of an intelligent and unique fire safety strategy.

Instead of simply applying the same rules and logic to every project, an engineered approach considers each building on a case by case basis and selects the most appropriate solution in each instance.

By selecting the most appropriate solution for your individual project it prevents ‘over specification’ – a situation that occurs when unnecessary compromises are made to ensure compliance.

FDS Consult, a leading fire strategy consultancy have achieved great benefits for their many clients via the use of engineered approaches to fire safety. An example of this can be found in their involvement with the Dalston Lane South project headed by Barratt East London, provided total savings of £3.5 million for the developer.

You can learn more about this project, and many other projects assisted by taking an engineered approach to fire safety by heading to FDS Consult’s project pages.

To find out more about value engineering, visit today.

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