The UK Housing Whitepaper: Meeting Housing Demands

The UK Government released, in February 2017, their official line on how the UK could best address the problems currently found in the UK housing market in their Housing White Paper.

The main theme of the White Paper was the statement by Theresa May that ‘We need to build many more houses, of the type people want to live in, in places they want to live’.

The document highlights two main methods by which Theresa May’s message can be achieved – planning for the right homes in the right places, as well as building homes more quickly.


The details of this report focus on making additional land available by increasing land contribution from brownfield and considering greater housing density in urban areas. Also, that construction could be a faster process by simplifying the planning process and holding developers to account for prompt delivery.

Whilst these steps should help to give the UK housing sector a much-needed boost, the Government wants to encourage the use of refurbishment and renovation projects to help meet the housing targets needed.

The team at FDS has been involved in many projects of this nature and are aware of what advantages this approach brings.

Learn more about FDS’s experience and their opinions on the new Government Housing White Paper here.

To learn more about how FDS can assist with your project, contact the team today on 01322 387 411 or email us on

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