How to get a Free Fire Safety Appraisal for your project

It is natural to want to have the appropriate level of fire safety in every one of your projects. Allowing you to meet building requirements and keep your building occupants safe, whilst also making the use of your space and showcasing your fantastic design.

Just how do you get the right balance for your project? Fire safety consultants are the answer.

Fire Engineering

Fire safety consultants are on hand to help provide you with the appropriate level of fire safety for your project whilst maximising all of your design options.

Why not see the benefits that working with a fire safety consultant can bring to your project by making the most of the free fire safety appraisal service offered by FDS Consult.

FDS Consult are an industry leading fire safety consultancy company based in London and Kent. They have a team of qualified and experience fire engineering consultants who are ready to help you.

The aim of their fire safety consultancy service is to reduce your project build and fire system costs without risking non-compliance from regulators.

FDS Consult’s team of expert fire safety consultants will carry out a free review of your project to identify any major areas of non-compliance and highlight areas where value engineering can be carried out. This allows them to then pin point where greater design flexibility can be gained, allowing you to create the wow factor without needing to compromise.

To see how FDS Consult to help you with your project simply get in touch today by contacting the team on 01322 387 411 or by uploading your plans directly to their website.

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