FDS at your Service – Smoke Ventilation System Maintenance

As with any property the maintenance element is very important to ensure the comfort and safety of its occupants. Good maintenance also prevents the need for expensive repair works in the future.

This is particularly true from a fire safety point of view.

Fire safety systems not only safeguard the building’s occupants and assets, they also ensure that the building itself passes Building Regulations.


For this reason it is important to ensure that all fire safety systems installed within buildings are routinely maintained and serviced throughout the building’s life. This ensures that the systems operate efficiently and as intended to keep it in line with the property’s initial fire strategy. This is vital for both commercial and residential properties with large scale or complex fire and life safety systems.
From smoke detectors, and smoke alarms, which alert residents and help firefighters to locate the source of a fire, to smoke ventilation systems which provide a safe escape route and clear access paths for the fire services. Each fire safety system has an important role to play in the building’s overall safety level. The consequences of failing to maintain these safety systems can be dire.

Companies are deemed responsible under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) for providing the correct level of fire safety on their premises. All fire safety systems installed form part of a building’s fire strategy, and the RRO requires the appointment of a responsible person to ensure that all of this equipment is maintained and in good working order. If this does not happen it is considered an offence and can result in the prosecution of the building’s owner or manager. If there is a system failure during a fire there is also the potential for injury and loss of life.

The British Standards BS 7346:1 – 1990, BS 5588:12-2004, and The Buildings Regulations Approved Document B (ADB) also requires that all systems be serviced regularly and maintained to a high standard – ensuring that no ambiguity is left as to whether this is mandatory.

Simply carrying out regular and routine maintenance of fire safety systems can provide significant cost savings. Preventative upkeep can allow systems to run more efficiently for longer and inspections can identify issues before they can develop into potentially costly system failures.

Some buildings have maintenance staff who can undertake some checks. However, it is worthwhile having an expert regularly check and maintain fire safety systems, particularly when you consider the cost of fines for non-compliance and the potential loss of income from an office being closed by the local fire service.

Fire Design Solution’s team of experts can visit your premises twice a year, regardless of the fire system’s manufacturer or installer, to undertake complete tests of the fire alarm and any smoke detection systems. This will ensure that your buildings stay compliant with key fire safety legislation like the RRO.

Along with visual inspections of your fire safety system, our team will also undertake a rigorous 15-point test of each component throughout your buildings. This ensures that your fire safety systems stay compliant and keeps your occupants safe.

In the event of a system failure we can also offer a 24-hour emergency call out service. Every visit, whether a callout or routine scheduled maintenance, will be thoroughly documented.

For more information on our service and maintenance offering, contact us: www.FireDesignSolutions.com/Contact-Us/

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