Watch our CPD Webinar VIDEO: Introduction to Fire Engineering.

Interested in learning more about fire engineering? Our exclusive webinars are now available to view online. Watch our CPD Webinar: Introduction to Fire Engineering.


In this webinar Jigar Pandya, Senior Associate Fire Engineer at FDS Consult discusses the benefits and applications of fire engineering to achieve:

  • Building regulations compliance
  • Flexible, value engineered design
  • Reduced build costs
  • Space maximisation

Go watch the Webinar now.

Our webinars have been well received from our clients, here is what they have said…

“I look forward to the next webinar. Thank you.”

BBS Building Control.

“A very convenient way of doing CPD that is relevant.”

Roff March Partnership.

“Mixed insight from various angles of a large topic.”

Mike Chambers : Wilkinson Construction Consultants Ltd.

“Thank you for the invitation. Another very interesting presentation.”

Paul Twyman : PDS Licensing.

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